10-hours to guarantee your t-shirt

It’s 2pm folks! While ticket sales for WordCamp Birmingham will continue through next week – there are only 10 hours left for you to buy your ticket and register you shirt size. After 11:59 p.m. today, we can’t guarantee your tee will fit your frame.

This year’s design is great and it’s one you’re going to want to have in your drawer:

2016 WordCamp Birmingha m shirt design.
2016 WordCamp Birmingham shirt design.

So click through and buy your ticket and give us your shirt size, in the next few hours.

See you October 29th for WordCamp Birmingham.

Meet the Bloggers & Power Users Speakers

WordCamp Birmingham is just about a week away. We are so excited to be getting everyone together in Birmingham on October 29th. The day will feature three tracks all designed to help WordPress users of various skill levels and interests.

Today, we want to introduce you to the outstanding slate of speakers lined up for the Bloggers/Power Users track. Check out the list below or click through to get more info about each speaker. You’re probably even going to want to give their sites a follow or chat them up on social media somewhere. So look for them in all those spots as well.

KATE NEWBILL – Kate has been building websites since she taught herself HTML and CSS to dress up her eBay listings in 1999. Today she runs 2FishWeb LLC, a general WordPress consultancy offering design, development, security, and maintenance services, and teaches classes on WordPress.

GERROALD BARRON – Gerroald is passionate about WordPress development and WordPress security.

GEORGE CHILDS – George has taught WordPress training seminars on three different continents. His passion is to make things easy to use so that nobody feels stupid, because most people aren’t.

SHELLY PEACOCK – Shelley built her first website in 2009- as a way to make my designs “do stuff”, and as a portfolio for her art business. Mantra: Life is short- GET #FIERCE WITH IT.

SARA CANNON – Sara is an entrepreneur, creative director, and artist. She is the Managing Partner and Creative Director at Range. She is also the Founder of Spruce Media, LLC.

KATHRYN LANG – Master of “it’s all about #relationships.”Aficionado of inappropriate laughter, Kathryn Lang has been helping others find the time to make their dreams come true.

What do you think? Many of these speakers will all be doing follow ups in the Happiness Bar after their talks, so you can track them down to ask more questions or to get help.

Buy your tickets today!



WordCamp Birmingham T-Shirts

Check out the design for this year’s event shirt:

2016 WordCamp Birmingha m shirt design.
2016 WordCamp Birmingham shirt design.

Isn’t it great? While the color of the shirt may shift, that fantastic word-cloud Birmingham-inspired WordPress-fueled calligram design will not.

We’re excited to be handing these out to all attendees to this year’s WordCamp Birmingham. If you want one of these shirts (and in the correct size) you need to go ahead and get your ticket. Don’t wait. These awesome shirts are just one of the perks you get for your $20 ticket to this year’s event.

See you on October 29th! #wcbham16 #wpyall

Meet the Speaker: Gerroald Barron

Gerroald Barron will be speaking October 29th at WordCamp Birmingham about WordPress Site Security for Beginners.

Gerrold_BarronGerroald helps out with Support over at iThemes. He is passionate about web design and development, as well as terrible B-rated horror and sci-fi movies. He was gracious enough to give us a few minutes to answer a few quick questions so that campers can get to know him better.

Q1: Why do you choose to participate in WordCamp? What is the impact of WordPress/WordCamp for you?
A1: I love going to WordCamps to be around like minded people and see the different ways they use WordPress. Every time I leave a WordCamp, I leave inspired and motivated to learn more.

Q2: How do you primarily work with WordPress?
A2: I primarily provide technical support for the iThemes Security plugin. We’re all lifetime learners, and while providing support I get the opportunity to learn about our customers, how they use WordPress and what some of their pain points are. This is the primary reason I decided to share about beginner WordPress security with the community.

Q3: What’s the biggest challenge for WordPress users when it comes to security?
A3:The largest challenge for users that I’ve interacted with is education, and having the knowledge to educate their clients/co-workers on best practices. Security can be intimidating and downright scary, but there’s many very simple practices that can we can all use to significantly increase the security of our sites.

Gerraold has much more to share, so grab your tickets today. We’ll see you on October 29th!

2016 WordCamp Speaker Lineup

We are so excited to finally get to share with you the WordCamp Birmingham Speaker Lineup. This year’s event is jam packed with talent, teachers, leaders and coders. WordCamp Birmingham is all about bringing together the WordPress community in a way that we ALL can learn and share, no matter your skill level or experience.

So if you’re thinking about starting your own website or if you’re a seasoned WordPress pro, click over and buy your ticket today and then check out the schedule below.

We have three dynamic tracks loaded for you on October 29th. Track 01 is for the Blogger/Website Owner. Track 02 is designed to be helpful to Freelance and Business-focused folks. Track 03 tackles the tech and best practices that Developers need to know.


Kick off the day with our KEYNOTE with Cory Miller

Track 01 – Bloggers / Power Users
  1. In Case of Zombies… Creating a Disaster Action Plan *Before* You Need It with Kate Newbill
  2. Beginner WordPress Security with Gerroald Barron
  3. Usability Testing Workshop – Make Your Site Better in 30 Minutes with George Childs
  4. Frameworks for Freelancers– Double Time IT! with Shelly Peacock
  5. Strategic Design: How Information Can Drive your Design Decisions to Success with Sara Cannon
  6. Write 30 Posts in 30 Days without Hurting Yourself with Kathryn Lang
Track 02 – Freelance / Business
  1. Surviving a Crisis of Confidence with Nathan Ingram
  2. Starting your Business on a Shoestring Budget with Elizabeth Pampalone
  3. Running a WordPress Membership Site in Real Life with Brian Krogsgard
  4. What’s the Plan for your Master Brand? with Kristi L. Oliver
  5. Pitfalls of Working from Home with Adam Warner
  6. Separate your Time from your Income with Kyle Johnson
Track 03 – Developer
  1. WP API, What is it Good For? Absolutely Everything! with Evan Mullins
  2. Using Chrome Developer Tools with Micah Wood
  3. Rapid Web App Development on WordPress with Corey Maass
  4. I18n…what? Internationalization: Why and How with David Wood
  5. From LAMP to WISP – Options for Operating WordPress in Microsoft Environments with Patrick Bates
  6. Managing Multiple Sites Made Easy With Vagrant and Wordmove with Sam Brasseale

So pick a track or bounce back and forth between sessions. Whatever works for you and your needs! Have a question – let us know and don’t forget to get your tickets now.

Get Involved

Be a Volunteer. It’s fun. It’s Easy.


  •  Work a one hour shift to help campers find their way.
  •  Smile a lot.

Here are the areas where you can help:

Room MC’s

We have 4 spots for the day (one for each room and one alternate). These folks are responsible for:

  • Speaker introductions before sessions
  • Make Announcements
  • Help the speakers with lapel mics for the video
  • Start the video cameras recording.

All Day volunteer. Be part of the crew. This position is different from the others. You will work in the same session room for the full day. This is the position where your efforts will be seen by the whole world. All of the videos we record will become part of WordPress.tv.
No video experience needed. We will show you what to do which is basically – just push one button.

Registration Desk – 12 Spots (1 volunteer per session)

Help campers with registration, buying swag, and general conference questions like “Where is the restroom?” or “What’s the emergency plan in case of attack by bees?” *

Help Desk (a.k.a. Happiness Bar) – 22 Spots (2 per session)

Designers, developers, consultants and speakers – take a seat at the help desk to answer WordPress questions from campers and offer hands-on help with their sites. Think “Help! How do I make this widget work?” and not “Where is the restroom?”

* In case of attack by bees: Run Away

Submission Deadline in 12 Hours

We have 12 hours to go folks! The response has been solid and we’re looking forward to lining up some solid speakers for WordCamp Birmingham on October 29, 2016.

But there is still time for YOU to submit your idea or topic to present on for WordCamp. The form will stay live until midnight. So click over and read through the short sections about “What we look for…” and “Some suggested themes…” to get the creative juices flowing.

The WordPress community is a wonderful world full of folks who share their tips, tricks, knowledge and experiences. It’s a world that YOU are a part of. So come share what you know and meet some great folks.



wordcamp tickets

#wcbhm tickets on sale!

Tickets for WordCamp Birmingham 2016 are now available!

Get Your Tickets

The $20 ticket gets you in for a full day October 29th to soak in all of the cool stuff the WordPress community has to offer. The day is jam packed with great speakers, wonderful lessons (for all skill levels), website help, swag, snacks and tasty food.

There’s even an after-party. So plan on hanging around for that.

We’ll start sharing more info about speakers and events, but go ahead and snag your ticket so you don’t miss out.

Once you’re signed up,join the WordPress and WordCamp conversations happening online by using the #wcbhm and #wpyall hashtags to let everyone know you’ll be attending WordCamp Birmingham 2016.

Call for Speakers banner

An Open Call for Speakers

WordCamp Birmingham is about community. It’s about design. It’s about development. It’s about marketing. It’s about smart and ethical business practices. Ultimately it is empowering users. Want to be a part of it?

We’re hoping you have the skills, knowledge and the same passion to share that we do. If you do, consider speaking at this year’s WordCamp Birmingham on October 29, 2016. Here’s the official rundown post of what’s expected and what you can expect. Once you scroll through, please fill out the form to get your submission process started.

We know you have something to share, we just want to help connect you with the right audience. Speaking at WordCamp is one of those awesome times when no one can tell who is getting the real benefit. That’s the beauty of WordCamp and the folks who do all the hard work to present on a variety of topics. Everyone benefits.

So take a look and hope you’ll sign up. We’d love to see what you bring to the stage in October.

WordPress MeetUp Tonight #wpyall

Join the Birmingham WordPress community tonight at 7 p.m., at Pale Eddie’s Pour House, for this month’s WordPress MeetUp. It’s a great time with some smart folks and free wifi.

It does not matter if you’re just starting out and need some help or if you’re a pro wanting to geek out over the latest Customizer APIs for Setting Validation included in the 4.6 Pepper release, the group has something for everyone of every skill level.

So click on over to the MeetUp page and sign up. Hope to see you there!

#wpyall #wordcampbham