Meet the Speakers for the Developer Track

The past two days we introduced you to the speaker lineups for Track 01 and for Track 02. Track 03 for Developers is another rockstar roster full of highly skilled and technically-minded folks.

If you’re ready to dive deeper into WordPress and crack open what makes it tick, this is the track for you. Track 03 will be brimming with acronyms, work environments, optimization tips and command prompt tricks. So check out the Developer track if you want to learn more or simply want to learn what all that means.

EVAN MULLINS – Evan blogs at and has even been known to dream in WordPress. With a background in digital media art, he now embraces the dark side and has found a strong creative outlet programming websites.

MICAH WOOD – Micah currently works at Narwhal Digital as the team lead for enterprise WordPress projects and helps organize a local WordPress meetup group.

COREY MAASS – Corey is a full-stack web developer with a love for entrepreneurship and minimum viable everything. He built his first website in 1995, his first SaaS app in 2003, and his first WordPress plugin in 2009.

DAVID WOOD – David is a web developer with over 7 years of development experience. He has spent much of his career working with WordPress, writing everything from custom plugins and themes to highly specialized code for unique situations

PATRICK BATES – Patrick began his Internet career with becoming his hometown’s first ISP in 1995. He first became involved with WordPress in 2011, which then led to him co-founding Project Nami (a port of WordPress to SQL Server) in 2013.

SAM BRASSEALE – Sam is a Birmingham based web developer working at Cayenne Creative managing a team of developers who build client sites primarily using WordPress.

Many of these developers will be hanging out all day. A few will even be helping out in the Happiness Bar. So be ready to ask questions or chat them about all things WordPress. Buy your tickets today!