Get Involved

Be a Volunteer. It’s fun. It’s Easy.


  •  Work a one hour shift to help campers find their way.
  •  Smile a lot.

Here are the areas where you can help:

Room MC’s

We have 4 spots for the day (one for each room and one alternate). These folks are responsible for:

  • Speaker introductions before sessions
  • Make Announcements
  • Help the speakers with lapel mics for the video
  • Start the video cameras recording.

All Day volunteer. Be part of the crew. This position is different from the others. You will work in the same session room for the full day. This is the position where your efforts will be seen by the whole world. All of the videos we record will become part of
No video experience needed. We will show you what to do which is basically – just push one button.

Registration Desk – 12 Spots (1 volunteer per session)

Help campers with registration, buying swag, and general conference questions like “Where is the restroom?” or “What’s the emergency plan in case of attack by bees?” *

Help Desk (a.k.a. Happiness Bar) – 22 Spots (2 per session)

Designers, developers, consultants and speakers – take a seat at the help desk to answer WordPress questions from campers and offer hands-on help with their sites. Think “Help! How do I make this widget work?” and not “Where is the restroom?”

* In case of attack by bees: Run Away